Hemex announces substantial improvement to Gazelleâ„¢ Hb Variant test

https://www.alpenhornnews.com/Hemex announces substantial improvement to Gazelleâ„¢ Hb Variant test

Hemex Health, a health tech company based in Oregon, has reportedly announced a breakthrough improvement to its Gazelleâ„¢ Hb Variant test, enabling accurate measurements of fetal hemoglobin (Hb F).

The enhanced accuracy of measuring Hb F could help keep track of hydroxyurea treatment in the PoC (point-of-care) settings.

The upgrade comes just months after Hemex issued an improvement that enables its Hb Variant test to identify beta-thalassemia trait and disease along with SCD (sickle cell disease) trait.

Hemex Health CEO, Patti White, expressed that Gazelle has an unprecedented capability to deliver precise measurements to people with a high prevalence of beta and sickle cell thalassemia.

Along with the improvement of Hb F measurement, the company has planned more features for Gazelle that will enhance healthcare for beta and sickle cell thalassemia patients with no access to such high-level testing.

According to a clinical study performed at the pediatric SCD Clinic in Ghana, Gazelle’s Hb F quantification results were within 4.5% of Hb F outcomes with a confidence range of 95%.

The outcomes of this study will be showcased at a global conference this June and will also be issued in a peer-reviewed journal later in 2022.

Notably, hydroxyurea is used to treat patients with sickle cell disease since the 80s and the U.S. FDA recently sanctioned the drug for children.

As per the National Library of Medicine Journal of NIH, the drug increases the production of Hb F in patients resulting in fewer hospital stays and pain crises. Now, hydroxyurea is also used in Africa, India, and the Middle East.

Dr. Catherine Segbefia of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana cited that the gradual tracking of changes in Hb F levels is part of the monitoring convention for patients receiving hydroxyurea therapy.

Dr. Segbefia added that the possession of this capability at the point of care with the Hb Variant test of Gazelle will enable greater access to this therapy, particularly for people living in remote regions.

Source credits: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2022/05/08/2438146/0/en/Hemex-Health-announces-breakthrough-measurement-capability-for-clinicians-monitoring-sickle-cell-disease-therapy.html

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