Support the activists who love the earth! Call for Green Award started, with a total prize of 4 million yuan

Support the activists who love the earth! Call for Green Award started, with a total prize of 4 million yuan
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On the occasion of World Earth Day on April 22, UMC announced the launch of the 7th “Green Award”. Actors concerned with the environment expand their influence. Units with ideas and ideas about net-zero carbon reduction and resource regeneration are welcome to sign up. The total prize money of this year’s Green Award is NT$4 million, which is the highest prize money among domestic environmental protection awards. The transformation of the 7th Green Award is divided into two areas: “Ecological Conservation Field” and “Green Innovation Field”. This year, the “Green Innovation Award” has been added, and it has access to cultivation resources. It is expected that based on the concept of environmental protection planted in the past six sessions, through the transformation of the Green Award, we will actively find solutions to support green innovation. Jian Shanjie, Co-General Manager and Chief Sustainability Officer of UMC, said: “In the face of the impact of the epidemic and climate change, we have been thinking about how to contribute to the earth as a company, and the Green Award is a very good platform, to practice our care for this land. For six years, the UMC Green Award has been deeply involved in the field of ecological environmental protection. So far, it has realized 39 ecological conservation plans and youth environmental action initiatives. Now it has expanded the scope of submissions to climate change and In the field of circular economy, we hope that through this transformation, teams that are committed to sustainable actions and have good ideas can have a brand new stage to play.” The “Ecological Conservation Program Award” in the “Ecological Conservation Field” welcomes government-registered associations, consortiums (excluding corporate foundations), local associations, community development associations, and NGO organizations to participate, soliciting for the maintenance of ecological environment and green environmental protection or Specific and feasible plans for sustainable land development. The sponsor invites professional reviewers who are concerned about the ecological environment and sustainable development plans. According to the funding needs of each group’s plan, the award-winning unit will be provided with at least NT$300,000 and a maximum of NT$100. million dollars in bonuses. The “Youth Environmental Action Award” welcomes domestic students (born in September 1991 to August 1996/currently in the third year of junior high school to freshman year) to participate, soliciting suggestions for practical environmental protection practices, which are specific implementation action instructions, such as protecting species , refusing to eat non-friendly food materials, reducing plastic life, resource conservation, traceless mountains and forests, promotion of environmental initiatives, participation in activities and other friendly and specific actions. The total bonus is NT$200,000, one first prize, NT$50,000 bonus and a trophy; 3 selected winners, NT$30,000 bonus and a trophy; 6 excellent works, NT$10,000 bonus Dollars and certificates. The “Green Innovation Award” in the “Green Innovation Field” includes two major topics: “Circular Economy Issues” or “Climate Change Issues”. Organizations that have been registered by the government and have been established for 15 years or less are invited, including limited companies, joint stock companies, Social organizations, foundations, etc. come to sign up and propose specific and executable plans for “circular economy issues” or “climate change issues”. The plan must describe the crisis and pain points faced in the subject area, and what innovative services or products are expected to solve the problem. A bonus of at least NT$500,000 and at most NT$1 million will be provided to the winning unit. In addition to providing high bonuses, it also provides a one-year training program for the selected teams. Through themed courses, mentor consultation, resource matching and other services, it assists the team in practice and expands its influence. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the solicitation instructions will be handled online. The solicitation activity officially started on April 22, and the deadline for submission is August 31. Please check the official website for details. UMC has promoted the “Green Award” activity since the 1950s of the Republic of China. Through the public call for applications and expert selection, outstanding ecological conservation projects are selected to stimulate public concern and investment in conservation, and to take root in the spirit and actions of green environmental protection. Promote and spread outward, and then drive the change of Taiwan’s ecological environment. Over the past 6 years, it has supported 39 large-scale ecological conservation projects and youth environmental action initiatives, showing fruitful results. There are 8 participating companies this year, including Taiyo Nippon Sanso System Technology, Taiwan 3M, Tokyo Power Technology, Shinshin Electronics, Faraday Technology, Edwards Advanced Technology, Hanmin Technology, and Hanko System Technology. It is also co-organized by United Daily News, Social Enterprise Stream, and United Daily News Cultural Foundation.

Sharing is Caring

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