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Roman Štolpa was born on August 12, 1964. After high school, he studied acting at JAMU and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in directing.

He worked in several theaters and eventually founded his own theater company. The general public got to know him mainly through the series Rodinné pouta, renamed Very Fragile Relationships, he also appeared in the projects Vyprávej, Ulice and Kriminálka Anděl. He also starred in the film Líbáš jako Bůh.

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Martin Zounar and Roman Stolpa
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His acting, but especially his personal life, was disrupted by alcoholism. During the filming of Family Ties, he left his wife and lived with his colleague Markéta Plánková. Because of his problems, he lost his job, Marketa, and their common daughter.

As he once claimed, he fought depression by drinking excessively. Finally, he seems to have defeated his demon. “Above all, a person has to decide that they are doing it for themselves, for their health. Stop now, don’t be afraid and go for it. I know it’s terribly difficult, terribly complicated. They say that overcoming addiction is the best way to get to know yourself,” the actor told expres.cz a few months ago.

But despite the fact that for him it’s a distant past of 10 years ago, it’s still called hanging out with him. Many just haven’t forgotten… “It was all for something good. And it’s good that one person left it behind and was on the other side. It took a lot from me, but I recommend it to anyone who decides to abstain. I’m just sorry I didn’t realize this sooner. Although to this day, sometimes someone reminds me of what I was doing, and they don’t don’t believe me,” he said.

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Czech actor addicted to alcohol: He was terribly mean… He lost his wife and his daughter!

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