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More and more famous personalities and stars are looking for other forms of income in today’s trying times. The bravest choose even a more spicy route – to sell their own photos through the OnlyFans social network.

The platform was originally designed for artists, but today the public perceives it more through eroticism – many women and men share their photos and videos on it for payment, which are not accessible to less than 18 years old and often come close to porn. It was an even bigger shock when the famous Czech moderator Tomáš Zástěra also admitted the profile on this platform. He shared it on the Instagram social network.

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Tomáš in Survivor
Source: Instagram TZ

“You’ve often written to me that I don’t post a lot of intimacy on Instagram and the last time you saw me in shorts was on Survivor, but now it’s completely different. I have a new profile on Only Fans, so check it out, it’s gonna be juicy,” he announced in the video, in which he was obviously completely naked. The only thing that covered the most private parts of his body was an image of a lemon, which he inserted into the disc in post-production.

It is not yet known what content Tomáš will add to his new OnlyFans account. But as we know the presenter of the reality show Survivor, he is definitely not shy and clearly wants to enjoy life to the full. Moreover, he believes that through this decision, he will get closer to his fans. But one wonders what his current serious employer will say about it.

You can watch the VIDEO above!

Photo gallery (8)

Source: Instagram TZ

Survivor SHOCKS Host: He created a profile on OnlyFans… Tempting him with a “NUDE” VIDEO!

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