From writing love letters to revising copywriting: five effective ways that I have personally proven to help you cultivate your persuasiveness

Sharing is Caring

Plumber, chef, copywriter, essentially, these occupations are no different. Regardless of whether you use serious interviews or casual chats, when asked how these professional workers hone their professional skills so that it “looks” easy, laymen are at a loss when they “do it”?

Regardless of whether the other party talks a lot or a little, or the speech is slightly packaged or hit the nail on the head, the answer is actually the same:

Four words can sum it up.

Reading books can at most give you a little idea of ​​a certain professional field, or at most you can only remember a few proper nouns. The places that can help you are very limited. So practice is more important than anything else.

Learning copywriting, how can it be possible to apply a few frameworks casually to help you sell products and services; how can it be possible to say what you want to say according to your own preferences, and wishful thinking that you can persuade the other party?

You have to actually practice.

When it comes to copywriting, that is to actually write and think about it. How to say something so that it makes people’s hearts flutter?

The following are the exercises I have been doing for many years before I officially entered the copywriting career. These exercises also gave me some insights into copywriting that are different from the mainstream.

One: write a love letter

Everything starts here.

I am an emotional person, and I had some longing for love in junior high school, but I didn’t know why, and I didn’t dare to interact with the girl I liked. But without interaction, it means that this relationship is only one-sided, and it is impossible to invite the other party to participate and let the seeds of love germinate.

Love, when you can’t bear it anymore, you will find the outlet by yourself. So, I decided to devote myself to writing, and asked my classmates to help me spread the love.

Looking back now, I realize that my childish self was so playful, seeing one and loving the other.

If I could take the sent letters back and keep them, I think they could almost pile up into a mountain.

2: Write a “self-promotion” letter

Copywriting is a profession that uses words to persuade and sell.

When it comes to copywriting, if you just share how to write sales copy, how to write community copy, and how to write other kinds of copywriting, I think it is too restrictive to treat copywriting that way.

Copywriting helped me achieve many things, such as applying for jobs.

I have written several emails to sell myself to business executives, opening the door to the opportunity to work in a foreign company; I wrote both Chinese and English versions. Of course, instead of writing a long autobiography, you have to find a way to make the other party interested in your cover letter, and then go from “scanning” to “reading” it.

Try to sell yourself before you sell other products.

Three: Blogging

It is such a blessing to be born in this era. If you Google the word “writing platform”, the search results will show you a lot of platforms for your writing space without you having to spend extra money.

Square grid is great, centered on creators, thinking about creators and writers, and wanting to prevent the creative talents of this era from starving to death.

How can you hate writing if you want to develop verbal persuasion? Don’t hate it first, and then talk about how to use words to persuade and sell. It is a good choice to start with blogging.

By the way, don’t worry about getting a website for yourself in the first place, write it on the grid first.

Four: Write an e-newsletter

A newsletter, I would consider it a bit more advanced than a blog.

Blogs can be read by anyone, freely; e-newsletters are different, readers will need to do something, spend a little time, contribute their personal e-mail, and for your e-newsletter every week or every month, Especially click on the mailbox, just to read the article you wrote.

If the e-newsletter is in operation, it will definitely be one of the most important assets in your life. Imagine a group of people who trust you so much and will never leave you, and you only need to promise them that you will write to them at certain times, and that is enough.

If one day you are short of money, or want to become a king on your own and sell good products, why do you need to worry about no market?

Five: Rewrite the copy you see

Be aware of the people around you, the things you do, the things you pass by.

Embellish and give soul to it with your profession.

I have a secret, not afraid of your laugh – I love eight garlic buns very much. After eating, the mouth will be full of garlic, and my girlfriend always stays away, so I pull her to eat together.

I haven’t had the honor of officially collaborating with Eight Garlic Buns yet, but I really like the idea of ​​cheese infused in a garlic-filled bread.

I saw that the brand spirit copywriting on the official website is actually quite distinctive, but the description of the product copywriting is unexpectedly flat and straightforward, so my hands are itchy. I want to continue the brand spirit it emphasizes and use the copywriting to embellish the products a little.

Keep your skin thick and share your expertise openly

Not to show off, but to get feedback, and only after getting feedback can we have the opportunity to improve.

Don’t work hard in secret, don’t hide in the world of books, saying you want to improve yourself. It’s time to put what you’ve learned so far into real life.

The more you practice, the faster you progress.

Sharing is Caring