Everything About Buying A House In Den Haag

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Den Haag is the third-largest city in the Netherlands, which is home to Dutch royals and the government. It is a bustling city center with a sandy coastline. While Amsterdam is the ultimate tourist destination, The Hague is the perfect residential haven. It is a place where you can find both a laidback and villagey feel and the convenience of a big city. The place has impressive facilities and is said to be one of Europe’s greenest urban environments. So if you want to buy a house in Den Haag, let us see some things you should know.


Finding A Property

There are three ways you can find your perfect home in The Hague.

Property websites: There are many property websites where you can begin your search for your new home. You can use these sites to get an idea of the market in your desired areas, and if you find something perfect, you can contact the real estate agent to see the property.

Property agents: This is the most viable way to buy a house in Den Haag. Real estate agents can do the necessary search and initial property screening for you. They will also handle the negotiations and notary meetings and arrange the sale contract. Getting help from property agents can ease the transition for expats and offer a full service for finding a house.

Other alternatives for finding a house include newspapers, engaging your network to keep an eye out for new properties, or looking around a location for a suitable house for sale.


Viewing And Choosing A Property

Once you have found the property you like, immediately contact the owner or the agent to organize a viewing. Remember that the rules may change if the property is new and still under construction. You can see digital images of the property online. However, please connect with a buying agent, as it will help you understand the specifications, facilities, and contract and determine the property’s expected value. When choosing a house, consider the property’s location, quality, fixtures, fittings, and the type of contract you will be bound to. Also, find out if it is a listed building, as listed buildings have restrictions, but there may also be tax restrictions.


The Process Of Buying A House

Making An Offer

The negotiations can begin once you have found the perfect property for you. For this, you can contact your agent. Remember that you are not obliged to offer the asking price. If you cannot make an offer, you can arrange the first refusal on the property, which will give you a few days. This way, you can get the time to find out how much you can borrow or even for carrying out a building survey.


Arranging The Appraisal And Survey

You will require an appraisal report to obtain a mortgage when buying property in the Netherlands. A valuer carries out this appraisal, and you will have to pay for this. You can also include a structural survey as a part of your contract. Please hire an independent expert who will identify any potential problems and also give you an estimate of the repair costs. This can help in negotiating a lower purchase price.


Exchanging The Contracts

You can also cover the closing date, the price of movable items you are willing to buy, and other conditions in your negotiations. The important factors to consider include a financing clause that will allow you to withdraw if you cannot raise the required mortgage, the National Mortgage Guarantee, and a penalty clause in case either party decides not to go through with the sale.

Once all the terms have been agreed upon, a preliminary purchase contract will be set out with contingencies, which will mean that you are committed to the purchase unless the conditions are not met on either side. Remember that there is a legally mandated 72-hour cooling-off period, which means that after you sign the pre-sale contract, you can change your mind within this period without inviting any penalty.


Paying The Deposit

The preliminary purchase contract may require that you transfer 10% of the purchase price to the seller’s notary as a deposit. This deposit will be transferred to the seller if you back out of the contract without a valid reason. If the bank has paid the deposit, you will be required to transfer this amount to them, and you may also have to pay for a bank guarantee, which depends on the deposit amount.


Hiring A Notary

Hiring a notary who will act as a legal mediator between both parties is an important consideration when buying property in Den Haag and drawing up the deeds to sign. They may also investigate whether the property can be sold and take care of the registration in the Land Registry and other legal requirements.



To complete the sale, you will be visiting the property with the seller’s real estate agent on the closing date. This will also allow you to check whether the home has been left as agreed, and you will sign the transfer deeds, making you the legal owner.


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