EP19|”Why this kind of work will be fast, accurate, and good”: Discuss through 8 concepts, how to improve your productivity

Sharing is Caring

The reading proposal is that Mario and JuJu take turns to propose a book every week to share with you. I hope to share with you my reading experience, experience and interesting ideas through chatting and discussion between the two.

Today is my sharing. The book I want to share is “Why This Works Fast, Accurate, and Good”, the author is Charles Duhigg.

The author Duhigg is a reporter for the New York Times. He has written another well-known best-selling book before: “Why Do We Live This Way and Work That Way?” “It talks about the power of habit and how to create or change a habit. In the preface of this book, Duhigg said that he once wrote to a surgeon and productivity guru Atul Gawande (Gawande) to learn how to increase productivity. Ge Wende is 46 years old. He is a doctor, an associate professor at Harvard, chairs a non-profit organization, writes 3 books, has a wife, has 3 children, and has won the MacArthur Award, also known as a genius award. He wants to know why the other party is so productive, and this book is the result of his research

Of course, when it comes to productivity, it’s basically fried chicken that I can’t resist.

What Duhigg wants to talk about in this book is “the 8 most important concepts for increasing productivity”. And these 8 concepts are all related to an important basic principle: it is by no means that the more you work hard, the more productive you will be, and it is by no means that the harder you work, the more things you will get done.

The author said in the preface: This book will talk about how to save time, effort, and be smarter, so that your life will be smoother… Does it sound very powerful? The so-called 8 concepts in the book are: motivation, teamwork, focus, goals, managing others, decision-making, innovation and absorbing information.

However, I know very well that there is no one-stop solution to improving productivity. These 8 concepts actually provide some ideas. Whether they can be applied in reality will take time. However, there is an extra chapter at the end of the article, in which the author himself explains how he uses the key points of these 8 concepts to take time out of his busy schedule to complete this book. And I myself was inspired by some small details in it. For example, in the article “Absorbing Information” I noticed that I spent time manually updating data, but I was able to obtain better methods of change and innovation.


Sharing is Caring