EP15|”How Top-notch People Stay at the Top”: A big subsidy for a personal growth book, but don’t just read it or do it

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In the reading proposal, Mario and Juju take turns to propose a book to share with you every week. I hope to share with you my reading experience, experience and interesting ideas through chatting and discussion between the two.

Today is Mario’s sharing. The book he is going to share is “How Top-notch People Stay at the Top”, authored by Brad. Stolberg and Steve. Magnis.


The general audience should know that I am not very involved in this kind of books about personal growth, but it is amazing that this book just makes me want to read it (fate?). Later, after I read it, I found that this is also a classic template of modern personal growth books.

Just like I said before that there are templates for business management books, there are also templates for personal growth books. The template of a personal growth book is probably: ask a somewhat general big question, and then put forward a main point of view, and cite the concepts of various other books, various modern scientific researches and experiments in the book to illustrate this point of view, interspersed with your own And the cases of friends and famous people are used as auxiliary.

Take “How Top-notch People Stay at the Top” as an example, the book basically wants to solve a problem: how to succeed? Going a step further, is there any secret to dismantling successful people (first-class top people)? They propose three things:

  1. The Scientific Cycle Behind Growth and Development: Stress + Rest = Growth
  2. How to Prepare for Peak Performance and Everyday Productivity: Planning the Best Routine and Designing Your Day’s Strengths
  3. Improving Performance with a Sense of Purpose: Mission

Then in the middle you will see various experiments and theories related to success and hard work, including but not limited to:

  • “Flow”
  • “Deliberate Practice”
  • “Think Fast and Slow”
  • “Mentality Wins”
  • “Perseverance”
  • “give”
  • “Upward adaptation”
  • “Willpower will also run out”
  • “There’s no such thing as multitasking (The Mindfulness Protocol, Pomodoro, interval training)”
  • “Mediation, Mindfulness “SIY Search Your Inner Keyword””
  • “Have a good rest (sleep, nap)”
  • “Designing Practices, Cultivating Environments”
  • “Simply Simplify Your Choices”
  • “Find the working hours that suit you”

The one with the title on it is the book, and the quotation marks are some concepts. I have read it in many articles and books, but I am not sure if there is a whole book that talks about this concept. If you know of one, please share it with us.

So I joked with JuJu on the show that this is a big subsidy for personal growth books worth N books, and you can see many common concepts and ideas about personal growth in modern times in the book. Of course, this book is mainly about growth. If you have a deeper interest in some of the concepts mentioned in it, we also recommend that you go directly to a book that talks about a certain topic.

But like all personal growth books, you can’t just read it, you have to try it. It’s like I read a bunch of running-related books before 2019, but I still took a timetable to run seriously, and then I started to really complete the full marathon, and I started to have more of my own experience and ideas.

  • Are you doing “training” or have you experienced “training” (whether it is sports, music, painting, or any activity with a competitive nature).
  • Do you feel like you can’t even take a vacation or get some rest?
  • Is there any routine before going on stage?
  • Ever thought about a mission or giving back?

Books proposed and mentioned this week, some of which we may share with you in the program:

  • “How Top-notch People Stay on Top”: , momo online bookstore , Readmoo e-book
  • “How First-Class People Control Their Ego”: momo online bookstore , Readmoo e-book
  • “Search the Keyword in Your Heart”: momo online bookstore , Readmoo e-book
  • “Deliberate Practice”: momo online bookstore , Readmoo e-book
  • “Giving”: momo online bookstore , Readmoo e-book
  • “Mindset to Win”: momo online bookstore , Readmoo e-book
  • “A Date with Success”: momo online bookstore , Readmoo e-book

If you purchase books through the above link, “Key Review Network” will get a share of the profits.
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Sharing is Caring