Do you still remember the momentum in your heart? Written before the 2022 Future Big Figure Lecture

Sharing is Caring

I almost forgot that the brave man was not afraid of me, how could that be?

A few days ago, I participated in a speech at the invitation of the Water Conservation Bureau as a team of future big shots. It was a lecture to be present at 9:30 in the morning. The topic of the lecture was observation and sharing as a media. The audience shared their recent experience of “creating places and returning youth to their hometowns”. Regarding local creation, the director of the Water and Water Conservation Bureau, local creation professors, scholars, etc. are all experienced, and most of the audience who registered at the scene also have a certain understanding of local creation.

I have given speeches, hosted many times, and been on various broadcasts. I didn’t feel timid at first, but when I was speaking to a group of people with professional field knowledge, I was so nervous that my voice trembled when I came on stage, and then I even locked my throat and said no. Too out of words. This is definitely the first frustrating experience I’ve had in my years of speaking. How this happened, I don’t understand myself!

At the end of the sharing session, although it was smooth and within the time limit, I finished what I needed to say, but I was very distressed. I remembered participating in a poetry recitation competition when I was a child, and learned that there was a master poet Yu Guangzhong in the jury. I knew that the master was there, but when I was young, I chose a piece of work “Car Passing Fangliao” by Master Yu Guangzhong to recite. Open your throat and say it boldly, without any fear or shyness at all.

Thinking of this little thing, I just want to ask myself: Where did the guts go? What’s wrong with you?


The test of courage and courage in everyone’s heart

As you grow up, you get taller and more knowledgeable, but your courage becomes smaller and smaller? Fear of getting hurt, worrying about losing, retreating and losing face, gradually concealing the previous feeling of shouting loudly and having nothing to be afraid of in the back end of the grown-up identity.

While we were carefully carrying out all the “adult affairs”, Mr. Zhan Weixiong, the judge of the 2022 session of future big shots, hit us with a thunderous sentence: future big shots should have the ability to be “bold and outstanding”. Strength, Teacher Zhan encouraged the young people so much, but at the same time it also woke us up. In the face of this troubled world, we should no longer just “do one thing well” with trepidation, but also “do great things”.


There is that aggressive child in your heart and mine, but we have forgotten it.


Restart a courageous dialogue of the general trend

Every year, the recruitment of future big shots calls out the original intention of “returning the definition of success to everyone”. In the past few years, we have met one after another who really put into action and walked on the road of practice regardless of everything under the age of 35 young people. They have the courage to challenge the system and dare to compete with the world. The important thing is that they all know that the road is not easy to walk. They may have to break through the worldly vision, they may even have to fight against their families, and more often they have to face the crisis of failure at any time. However, their fearless courage was actually implemented in action, and they walked on a daring road.


A courageous meeting of wanting to succeed and daring to fail

With bold courage, in 2022, we restarted the “Future Big Figures Annual Forum”, which was stagnant due to the epidemic, and held a total of 9 events for two days in one breath. It has evolved from the slogan advocated in the past, “If adults are powerful, we have more troubles” On this year’s “Don’t talk about it, just do it right”, we want to use this series of activities to speak out together, and the future big figures are using actions to define the success they want.

Zheng Lijun, chairman of the jury, shared: “When you have a voice calling you, don’t be cowardly because of past failures. The last thought is to get up! Go and act!”

We hope that through the sharing of 20 groups of future big figures selected in 2022, the society can hear the voice of the “big trend generation” in the current society, and listen to how they dare to challenge the collision process of “wanting to succeed”.

We also hope not to be afraid of failure and hesitate to move forward. Chairman Huang Yunling also said: “Everyone sees a different world, and everyone can daydream, but if you don’t practice it, it will be just a daydream after all.” Failure. It can also be turned into a seasoning for success. After adding the taste of failure, success may become sweeter.

Sharing is Caring