Do a sustainable good business! From different industries, look at the N types of actions that enterprises practice for sustainability

Do a sustainable good business
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Do a sustainable good business, How to live a good life and at the same time prosper with the environment? Social Enterprise Flow joins hands with  the Vision Engineering Foundation and DBS Bank (Taiwan) to launch the curation series “Donut Planet: 100 Actions for a Sustainable New Life”, initiates the first large-scale survey on sustainable literacy in Taiwan, and launches special topics , forums and other content, inviting individuals, organizations, and cities to think about the future of life together.

Sustainability is an issue that organizations, regardless of industry and size, need to face up to. This article summarizes the sustainable actions of enterprises that participated in the organization’s response, and explores with you how to formulate sustainable strategies in different industries such as media, finance, and technology. practice in business operations.

When the new crown pneumonia epidemic spreads worldwide and climate change intensifies, how should enterprises stand firm and continue to operate under the changing times? “Sustainability” has become an issue that organizations regardless of industry and size need to face up to; ESG—— Environment, Social society, and Governance corporate governance have also gradually become the guidelines for the operation of various organizations.

In the curation of “Donut Planet: 100 Actions for a Sustainable New Life”, the co-planning partners Vision Engineering Foundation and DBS Bank (Taiwan) took the lead in promoting sustainable literacy surveys within the organization and called on colleagues To pay attention to and participate in sustainable development, DBS Bank (Taiwan) further invites corporate customers to respond together. Participating companies include (arranged in order of company English names): AU Optronics, Chailease Dihe, Virtue Medical, Xinyi Housing, Taiwan Cement, Wanda Holdings, Wenye Technology, and the social enterprise Chazitang.

Tang Feng, Political Councilor of the Executive Yuan, once said that “everyone’s work should be helped by everyone.” When more and more companies start from themselves, they can hope to create a win-win situation for the economy, society and environment. This article summarizes the corporate sustainability actions that participated in the organization’s response, and explores with you how to formulate sustainable strategies and practice them in corporate operations in different industries such as media, finance, and technology.


Vision Engineering Foundation: walk the talk, make the media an agent of change

The Senior Media United Daily established a vision project on the 60th anniversary of its founding, from “writing news for others to do” to “walking the talk”, hoping to make the media an actor of change; in 2021, The 70-year-old United Daily News announced that the “Vision Project” will be publicized and transformed into the “Vision Project Foundation”, which will become Taiwan’s public property and work with all sectors of society to promote sustainable development as a force for the common good of Taiwan.

In the past 10 years, the Vision Project has produced more than 140 in-depth reports that are close to the people of Taiwan and broaden the international perspective. These reports not only received wide response, but even changed policies and helped solve problems. Today, sustainability is not just a slogan or words, but also the operating principles of the United Daily News Group, ranging from using environmentally friendly toner and sustainable forestry certified paper to print business cards, to installing smart monitoring equipment for electricity consumption in offices, and digging holes in parking lots Planting trees, these daily actions, demonstrates the determination to implement the vision project to achieve sustainability.


DBS Bank: Responsible Banking, Responsible Business Operations, Creating Social Impact, 3 Major Axis towards Sustainability

DBS Bank has long supported social enterprises, paid attention to sustainable issues, and is committed to becoming a leader in corporate sustainable development. Through the three major axes of responsible banking, responsible corporate operations, and creating social influence, it exerts positive social influence . In terms of banking business, DBS Bank (Taiwan) launched Asia’s first credit card with a card body made of renewable resources, and also launched additional discounts for low-carbon transportation, encouraging customers to strive for sustainability in daily consumption; and undertook Taiwan’s first Sustainability index-linked loans encourage corporate customers to practice sustainability with preferential interest rates.

In terms of corporate operations, DBS Bank attaches great importance to talent development. For example, DBS Bank (Taiwan) has insight into the needs of employees. Employees who have worked for 5 years can apply for 3 months of charging leave, and have a period of free time to pursue important things in life. Goals; In addition, DBS Bank also pays attention to environmental sustainability, and held a power-saving and paper-saving competition in the enterprise, saving 4,600 packs of paper (equivalent to saving 276 trees) and reducing electricity consumption by 8.58%.

In terms of creating social influence, DBS Bank is committed to accompanying the growth of social enterprises, expanding its influence through grants, training, corporate procurement, etc. Internally, DBS Bank advocates volunteer services and calls on employees to practice together Sustainability and action, so far in 2021, employees have invested more than 10,000 hours in volunteer activities.


AU Optronics: The 3 major axes of EPS are in line with the United Nations sustainable development goals

In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs), AU Optronics, a leader in optoelectronic solutions, is actively practicing sustainability with three major axes: environmental sustainability, people’s inclusive growth, and society’s flexible innovation. In terms of environmental sustainability, AU Optronics is committed to implementing low-carbon production and resource recycling in the value chain. In 2015, it proposed a goal of reducing carbon emissions by 1 million metric tons in five years, and achieved a 194% compliance rate by 2020, further aligning with international standards. Carbon reduction trend, completed the review of the SBT scientifically based carbon reduction target, continued the carbon reduction task, and achieved the goal of reducing absolute carbon emissions by 25% in 2025 (compared to 2018).

In terms of inclusive growth, AUO adheres to the spirit of supporting the disadvantaged and promoting diverse education; it has created the “AUO University” to promote the learning and growth of employees, and plans diverse job vacancies for employees with disabilities. In terms of flexible innovation, AU Optronics is committed to applying core technologies to improve the resilience of human life, such as investing in the development of renewable energy, and working with Sunshine Volt to promote citizen power plants; launching smart manufacturing projects to improve industrial production efficiency, etc.


Chailease Dihe: Supporting the development of the green energy industry and inviting the public to share the benefits of power generation

The financial leasing industry represents Chailease Holdings, which injects the thinking of sustainable development into various businesses to meet the needs of enterprises and individuals and implement the goal of inclusive finance. Specific sustainable actions include: launching the Truck Help APP to serve the truck dealers and driver groups that have received less attention; for people who are difficult to provide proof of financial resources and do not have a credit card, an electronic transaction model with zero card installment is also provided ; Add ESG evaluation factors to the customer credit process, requiring the company to take responsibility for employees, society and the environment, so as to enhance the value of long-term investment and lending.

In addition, Chailease Dihe has been developing energy-saving equipment financing business and solar energy equipment financing service since 2010, gradually deepening the solar energy industry, using green energy industry and financing expertise, and renting farmhouses and factory roofs to small and medium-sized enterprises to set up power plants until 2018 In 2010, it has become the optoelectronic company with the largest installation capacity in Taiwan. In the future, Chailease Dihe will continue to support the development of the green energy industry, hoping to move from “energy storage” to “power sales”, promote citizen power plants, invite the public to support renewable energy, and share the benefits of power generation.


Virtue Medical: Protect the health of people all over the world and spare no effort to assist in the fight against the epidemic

Adhering to the spirit of “protecting the safety and health of people all over the world”, Meide Medical, a professional supplier of medical products and services,
practices sustainable development with the five axes of “integrity governance, innovative value, sustainable environment, diverse workplaces and a better society” . During the COVID-19 pandemic, in response to the surge in demand for personal protective equipment, Meide Medical actively developed the “global standing inventory service” and set up logistics and storage centers in Japan, the United States, Canada and Europe to improve local supply efficiency and respond to the global short-chain trend ; In addition, donate epidemic prevention materials on a larger scale and spare no effort to assist in the fight against the epidemic.

As for climate change, another issue of global concern, Meide Medical is also gradually planning energy-saving and carbon-reduction goals for each business site. It is expected to continue to improve the Group’s energy efficiency through the replacement of old and new equipment in each plant area. For example, Taiwan’s Xiangshan Washing Plant will stop using coal-fired boilers in 2021 and fully adopt LNG, which is more environmentally friendly.


Xinyi Housing: Supporting thousands of communities across Taiwan to build communities and develop low-carbon services towards net zero

Since its establishment 40 years ago, Xinyi Housing has always adhered to the spirit of “putting people first” and “benefits first”, taking into account the rights and interests of all stakeholders, continuing to care for the environment, deeply cultivating social care, and implementing honest governance. From this year onwards, with a broader global perspective—Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) structure, reconcile the rights and interests of various stakeholders, and actively establish a future sustainable niche, through the Xinyi value chain (“faith”, “righteousness”) , “Ethics”)’s sustainable innovation meets the needs of all stakeholders and brings a happy new life to everyone around us.

In terms of society, Xinyi Housing has promoted the “Community One” project since 2004, supporting people to transform their communities and create a better homes together. This project has been promoted and more than 400 million yuan has been invested so far to assist nearly 3,000 communities in Taiwan to practice the transformation plan. In terms of environment, Xinyi Housing develops low-carbon services to reduce the use of energy and paper. In 2021, it announced the launch of the “Zero Carbon Island” experimental project, intending to restore the ocean, develop blue carbon, and move towards the goal of net zero carbon emissions. 


Taiwan Cement: Actively invest in low-carbon transformation and commit to practicing community integration

“The balance between carbon emissions and the environment is a challenge for the cement industry. Taiwan Cement will do its best to fulfill its responsibilities and obligations to the earth.” Zhang Anping, chairman of Taiwan Cement, declared that Taiwan Cement is actively investing in low-carbon transformation – 2019 Set a carbon reduction path with the most credible and strictest international carbon reduction targets (Science Based Targets, SBT); actively participate in the Global Cement and Concrete Association in 2020, and jointly commit to 2050 concrete with 40 benchmark cement companies around the world Carbon neutrality goal.

In addition to responding to environmental challenges, TCC is also committed to social dialogue. In 2020, it will build the “DAKA Open Ecological Circular Factory” in Hualien to practice the ideal of coexistence and harmony with the community. The park sells handicrafts and specialty catering in conjunction with the surrounding tribes, bringing diverse job opportunities and creating an employment rate of 2.5% in the area; the park rent and tourist guide income are all donated to the local Heping Elementary School to support the development of rural education .


Great Alliance Holdings: Developing Smart Storage 3.0, Striving for Net Zero Emissions

The global leader in semiconductor channels, Dalian University Holdings, upholds the value of “team, integrity, professionalism, and efficiency”, and continues to think about how to combine sustainability with the core capabilities of the enterprise to maximize the influence of the enterprise. In terms of environmental sustainability, the United Nations General Assembly takes the cooperation and participation of the supply chain as the strategic axis, and promises to achieve net zero emissions at the operating sites by 2030.

Next, the “Logistics as a Service” (LaaS) model will be developed to create Smart Warehousing 3.0, and further assist the semiconductor industry in introducing smart factory automation to achieve the goal of net zero emissions in the supply chain. In terms of society, the General Assembly focuses on human capital strategic planning, including talent development and employee care. The “Employee Stock Ownership Trust Plan” (ESOT) will be launched in 2021, attracting more than 90% of employees to participate, striving for a win-win situation for employees and shareholders, and encouraging employees to properly plan for retirement life. In terms of corporate governance, we will continue to aim at improving the functions of the board of directors and implementing the diversification of directors. At the same time, we will pay close attention to global risk issues and strive to improve risk management.


WT Technology: Transparent and sustainable information, promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions year by year

WT Technology, a leading brand in semiconductor channels, has optimized the information and data transparency of corporate social responsibility reports year after year, and won the top 5% of the seventh corporate governance evaluation and was selected as a constituent stock of the Taiwan High Salary 100 Index. COVID-19 has accelerated the process of digital transformation for global enterprises and individuals. Zheng Wenzong, Chairman of WT Technology, pointed out, “WT Technology, as a leading manufacturer of global professional electronic component distribution services, assists upstream original factories to set product marketing directions, support It is one of our most important social responsibilities to shorten the R&D time for downstream customers.”

In addition, WT has made a long-term commitment to the environment. It not only promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1% every year as its short-term reduction goal, but also responds to the “Paris Climate Agreement.” Relevant Financial Disclosure Standards (TCFD) and the United States Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) have increased the transparency of sustainable information performance year by year.


Tea Seed Church: Treating the Land Kindly, Promoting Community Revival

“If there is land in Taiwan, we will look for it in the soil.” The social enterprise Tea Seed Church is a bathing and skin care brand in Taiwan. It is committed to developing Taiwan’s bitter tea oil culture and promoting local creation. Since 2016, Tea Seed Church has launched the “Road to the Revival of Bitter Tea Oil” for at least 20 years, working with farmers to plant 3,000 bitter tea trees in the community. On the other hand, Tea Seed Church also promotes the “Community Revitalization Project” to help local communities develop education and inject vitality.

Adhering to the belief of being kind to the land, Tea Seed Hall will introduce the concept of sustainable recycling in 2021, reducing the plastic material used in product bottles by 44% and increasing the recyclable rate to 100%. Chao Wenhao, founder and CEO of Tea Seed Church, said: “Tea Seed Church hopes to achieve a full cycle of the brand in 2024, with the four major aspects of contracting as farms, manor communities, urban stores, and living industries, and strive to do our best for Taiwan’s sustainable economy. A heart.” 

“When a company wants to operate for a hundred years or even a thousand years, but if the earth’s environment is damaged, no matter how well a single company does it, it will be useless.” Zhou Junji, the founder of Xinyi Housing, once said that to do a good job in a long-term business, It is no longer enough for a single organization to have a sustainable mindset. Only when more and more companies join the ranks of sustainability can we move towards a future of common prosperity and prosperity.

(This topic is jointly initiated by Social Enterprise Stream, Vision Engineering Foundation, and DBS Bank (Taiwan). Welcome to share the URL of the article, and reprinting the full text to other interfaces is prohibited.)


Do a sustainable good business

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