Cross-border cooperation makes sustainability possible and ushers in a new era of paradigm shift

Cross-border cooperation makes sustainability possible
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From 2021 to 2022, the global hot keyword is undoubtedly “sustainability”, and the key to the practice of sustainability lies in the participation of all people. In 2022, the “Sustainable Action Carnival”, hosted by the Vision Engineering Foundation and Social Enterprise Stream, and co-organized by DBS Bank (Taiwan), aims to cultivate all-round citizen sustainability, and hopes that the term “sustainability” will no longer be out of reach.

“Sustainable development is not only the necessary quality and ability of contemporary citizens, but also the key force for the continuous driving of the industry. At the same time, sustainable development is the wisdom jointly shaped by the whole society, and it also represents multiple aspects.” The founder of Social Enterprise Stream Lin Yihan said that in order to understand the distance between sustainability and the public, social enterprise flow joined hands with the Vision Engineering Foundation and DBS Bank (Taiwan) to launch a large-scale survey on sustainable literacy for two consecutive years. The time for answering this year will be November The deadline will be on the 11th, and the results of the answers will be made into a report to share with the public.

Continuing the insights from the first survey, this year’s carnival will be held through different forms such as curation, forums, and bazaars, hoping to lead everyone to have more sustainable practices in daily life and work.


Crisis is also opportunity

“This is a different carnival event.” Luo Guojun, executive director of the Vision Engineering Foundation, said that the materials used in this event are mainly recyclable and recycled materials, such as the on-site seats. Composed of beer boxes from the public sale bureau and wooden boards, it can greatly reduce environmental costs and carbon footprints, which is also the embodiment of the core value of this carnival.

Speaking of sustainability, Luo Guojun mentioned that in the past 3 years, the epidemic has made the public more aware that society is not only for the good of individuals, but needs the good of the whole society; and the climate crisis reminds the world that human beings are a community of life, and no one can be alone .

Since the Industrial Revolution, various problems such as social injustice, the gap between the rich and the poor, and environmental damage have appeared in human society. If the crisis can be used to inspire people, reflect, and find ways to correct and change, Luo Guojun believes that this is a sustainable action. The value of human beings is an opportunity for human civilization to continue to move forward and society and the environment to become better.

Fang Qiwen, Senior Vice President of Promotion Strategy and Communications Division of DBS Bank (Taiwan) Group, said that when she was conducting a large-scale survey on sustainable literacy, she found that the topic was not as simple as she thought. , “Remind yourself that there is still a distance between you and the sustainable one, and you need to spend more time getting to know each other.”

Fang Qiwen also shared that in 2018, DBS Bank (Taiwan) Group established the Sustainable Development Committee, with “responsible banking”, “responsible business operations”, and “creating influence beyond the banking industry” as the three major goals , launch green finance, practice employees’ daily carbon reduction actions, and accompany and support social innovation organizations, expecting to create 1+1>2 influence.


Reducing sustainability risk is everyone’s responsibility

From citizens to businesses, no one is an outsider when it comes to sustainable development. People from all walks of life are paying attention to what urgent issues we are facing in order to move towards a sustainable future?

Huang Zhengzhong, head of ESG of KPMG Asia-Pacific region and managing director of KPMG Anhou Sustainable Development Consulting Co., Ltd., mentioned that the “Taiwan Sustainability Risk Survey” report released by KPMG this year is the first time to analyze Taiwan’s Social, environmental and economic risks. The results show that issues such as super-aging, childbirth, deteriorating air quality, and extreme climate threats are the crises that we need to pay attention to urgently.

In addition, from the perspective of industry, among the top ten risks of industrial sustainability, social risks account for the highest proportion, such as deteriorating labor conditions, economic inequality, and large wealth gaps, etc., but resources are obviously insufficient. According to this survey report, 35% of enterprises still have not faced up to the risk of sustainability. In addition, only 21% of the respondents believe that they need to be responsible and take active actions. There is still room for improvement.


Enterprises shoulder responsibility and create a good society

Sustainability still needs more people’s attention and action. Fortunately, many companies have joined the ranks of change.

The Vision Engineering Foundation has separated from the United Daily News Group and transformed into a foundation. It expects to cooperate with other media, enterprises, schools, and groups with the professional core capabilities of content production and reporting. Luo Guojun said, “To do good deeds, you must also be able to tell good stories. Sustainability is not just a report full of data, but should also be close to society, communicate with society, and add warmth, humanity and empathy.” He hopes that Sustainability The issue should not be carried out by a single media, but can be used together to create benefits, “make changes happen”, and do what the media should do.

Chen Weicheng, general manager of Taiwan Merck Life Science Business Unit, said that Taiwan Merck focuses on the three major fields of healthcare, life science and electronic technology, and invests a lot of resources in research and development of future products. With the spirit of “promoting human development with curiosity”, Merck has established three major sustainable strategies, including promoting human progress through sustainable science and technology solutions in 2030; integrating sustainability into all value chains, and implementing sustainable development Continue the spirit, and before 2040, reduce the ecological footprint to achieve the goal of climate neutrality.

DBS Bank (Taiwan) promotes sustainability through green financial innovation, such as the launch of Asia’s first eco sustainable credit card made of renewable energy and made of environmentally friendly materials, and the first green deposit, providing savings customers in North Korea Thousands of saplings are planted on the coast to protect the coastline of Taiwan. In terms of corporate finance, DBS Bank (Taiwan) undertook the first sustainable index-linked loan in Taiwan, encouraging corporate customers to practice sustainability with preferential interest rates; at the same time, it also created the first blue loan to contribute to the sustainability of water resources and friendly oceans. a force.

Xie Qinyun, Head of the Public Relations and Legal Department of Hotai Automobile, shared that the core value of the group is “Do amazing” and do innovative and touching things. In addition to the “One Car, One Tree” charity event and the “Taiwan Protozoa Protection Project”, starting from 2021, the group’s taxi operating brand yoxi will cooperate with the Social Affairs Bureau of the New Taipei City Government to match yoxi drivers to help the disadvantaged in rural areas. Children go to school and seek medical treatment. This project will also cooperate with the Taichung Social Bureau, “Our goal is that where there are yoxi, there will be services for the disadvantaged.” Xie Qinyun hopes to put the resources of the industry in the right place and exert greater social influence.

“Sustainability cannot be achieved by a single person.” Huang Zhengzhong said that cross-border cooperation is very important. It is hoped that more and more companies will step out of their own fields and become mutual partners to fight together and practice a sustainable future.



Sharing is Caring

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