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It was 2000 when Lee Ryan, Simon Webbe, Duncan James and Antony Costa got together. For the next 5 years, they enjoyed immense fame and favor among women all over the world. However, the desire for a solo career cost them dearly – they lost everything. And now, years later, they’re trying to regain their former glory. They have released a new album and are even planning a tour at the end of the year.

But more than their new music, there is now a scandal created by the youngest of the members… Lee Ryan was arrested on Sunday afternoon on the plane after being mean during the Glasgow-London flight. It all started when the cabin crew refused to pour her alcohol. “When he realized he wouldn’t get any alcohol, he became aggressive towards the flight attendants,” a source from the plane described.

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“At one point he left his seat and started walking up and down the aisle, despite the flight attendants asking him to sit down. He even went behind the curtain to the cabin crew,” revealed another passenger, who added that his behavior was literally insane. So it’s no wonder the employees called the lawmen against him. were waiting directly at London airport.

“At approximately 4.40pm on Sunday July 31, officers boarded a plane which had arrived at London City Airport from Glasgow. A 39-year-old man was arrested for disturbing public order. He was taken into custody at an east London police station and released the following day pending an investigation,” police said in a statement. Due to Lee Ryan’s antics, the flight was reportedly delayed 20 minutes.

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