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Until recently, it sounded like the Beckhams were excited about their son’s partner. No wonder, the beautiful actress Nicola Peltz comes from a wealthy American family. A spectacular wedding of lovebirds took place at their mansion.

However, about 4 months after the wedding, surprising information began to appear in the media. For example, the bride did not ask her mother-in-law to participate in the preparations. And the whole spectacular event was about the Peltz family. In this regard, more and more people began to talk about the fact that there is a very tense relationship between Nicola and Victoria.

Although David and Victoria have not commented on the situation, Nicola and Brooklyn, who added the wife to his last name, gave an interview to Variety magazine in which they also commented on this subject. Nicola thinks all these guesses arose because she didn’t wear a dress from her mother-in-law’s workshop to the wedding.

“I had planned it and I really wanted it. But a few months before, she realized they couldn’t make them for me in her studio, so I had to look elsewhere,” the bride said, Nicola, who was finally wearing a Valentino dress. “She didn’t say you couldn’t wear it and I didn’t say I didn’t want to wear it. It all started there,” she continued.

“We all get along, which is good,” Brooklyn added. He seemed to indicate in his statements that all the congestion in their family is actually created by the public. With his words, he seems to be referring to a post that his wife recently published on the Instagram social network. “It forces me to create a kind of protective wall, especially in this industry. We all have days when people make us sad and we feel bad. It’s okay when it hurts,” Nicola told the image of her crying.

The lovebirds also commented on a question that many couples receive shortly after getting married. They do not hide that they want a large family. “I’m ready to have kids, but I tell my wife it will come when she wants,” Brooklyn said. “We are not planning to have a baby next year, but one day we want to have a big family. We would like to have our own children and we would also like to adopt some,” added Nicola.

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The Beckhams with their son and daughter-in-law in a file photo. Who knows when we’ll see them together like this again…
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STUFF in the celebrity family: Beckham’s first statement on the war between Victoria and the bride!

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