AMPUTATION OF LEGS… The family is preparing for the worst – This Is Ardee

For a motorcycle enthusiast, his hobby became fatal, and in the early evening of August 9, the former presenter was seriously injured after a terrible collision with a personal car, which he could not prevent. According to known information, the accident was caused by a young motorist.

After being airlifted to Nitrian Hospital, new facts are now coming to light. Palovič, who is in very serious condition, apparently had his leg amputated, the Nový čas portal reported.

And he’s still fighting for his life. The serious injuries he suffered in the accident mean that even tomorrow is not entirely certain for him. But family and close friends still hope and pray for him, even though they fear the worst.

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Source: Slovak Police

Famous faces like Iveta Malachovská and Andy Kraus don’t forget the poker player. They send him a lot of strength and a lot of health.

We also wish Dag a lot of strength to win his fight for life!

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