Alejandro Nieto reveals what he did with the €200,000 check he won in the Survivors finale – This Is Ardee

Alejandro Nieto is full because last week he received the news that he had won Survivors. For this reason, he told us this Sunday how he is doing and what he did first with the check for 200,000 euros.

The former The Island of Temptations contestant stated in the closing discussion that he was very happy after winning the award sale on the Mediaset set.

In fact, Carlos Sobera asked him what he did with the check, to which Nieto replied, “First of all, enjoy and rest with him.” Of course he said he hadn’t received it yet.

“Not yet. I’m still waiting”, he clarified clearly satisfied, while Tania Medina didn’t stop smiling at his side. So much so that the pair claim they’re “better than ever.”

Though it’s not entirely clear what he’ll be doing with the award, the young man said he’s investing a role in his son, whom he was keen to see after going through the reality show: “With a kid, three months is one a lot of. They grow a lot”.


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