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Joan Collins is definitely one of those women who makes you think age is just a number. And it’s not just because she doesn’t look her age, but also thanks to the fact that even with a 90-year-old man around her neck, she can enjoy life to the fullest. Without a doubt, her husband, Percy Gibson, who is 32 years younger than her, has his part in it.

The couple are currently in St. Tropez, where they cool off in the pool on hot days. This was revealed by Joan herself, who posted a photo on Instagram of herself posing in a bathing suit and hugging her husband. Enthusiastic reactions from friends and fans were not long in coming. “You are such a perfect couple. It’s beautiful how lovingly Percy looks at you,” one says.

While there are individuals who deal with this couple’s significant age difference, they don’t make much of it. They recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Joan, for whom it is already the fourth marriage, does not hide that she is the most beautiful and calls Percy her soul mate.

As she revealed at the birthday party, they’ve been together for 22 years and haven’t been apart for a single day. According to her, the recipe for a successful and happy marriage is for everyone to have their own bathroom.

The famous actress (89) posed in BIKINI: Ah, with what love her rabbit looks at her!

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