After ChatGPT appeared, software engineers who wrote programs also began to doubt life

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Software engineering has always been a high-tech job. For example, many foreign artificial intelligence masters are superstars who are rushing to poach corners from major technology giants.

After the emergence of ChatGPT, I have done some implementations one after another, and found that ChatGPT can really understand what I want to do, and even give the corresponding code, which undoubtedly greatly shortens the development time──even if the wording is more precise, writing code with ChatGPT is no problem. possible.

This made me start to doubt my own value, because of my growing background, I prefer to work alone because of my personality.

I also have a great interest and ambition in programming, which led to me helping a listed company in Taiwan to improve the production process yield rate of their factory by 18%, but I did not get a lot of money because of this.

Our team once asked the highest level whether the increased profits, such as 10%, can be returned to us. Because large companies are mass-produced and the yield rate increases by 1%, it must be multiplied by the production volume (usually tens of thousands of tons). If you don’t multiply it, you can’t see it. If you multiply the production volume, the profit is very huge, and it may be tens of millions to hundreds of millions.

However, grassroots engineers still receive the company’s basic salary, and only if the senior management is willing can they get some extra bonuses.

So here comes the problem, young people in this era just rely on hard work is not enough. Effort has become a standard configuration, and what is more important is soft power and communication skills.

I have also met many young people who are very enthusiastic about research and development, but they probably only earn more money than ordinary office workers, and they are still not comparable to the real rich. What is the problem?


problem here

I wonder if you have heard of the ESBI quadrant?



Basically you fall in the E quadrant, no matter how good your ability is, your money will always be decided by the boss.

If it falls in the S quadrant, the customer has the final say.

When you fall in the B and I quadrants, it is a completely different way of thinking. Usually this type of person has a good relationship with the bank and has a very wide network of contacts.

There are often gossip about the world economic situation that ordinary people cannot know, which is why rich people have money, because the way they make money is completely incomprehensible to the E and S quadrants.

In the past three years, I worked at a university’s artificial intelligence research center. My job was to help large companies use the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to improve yields. My salary was about 70,000 to 80,000 yuan. If I forced myself to take more cases, it would be reasonable. It is said to break 100,000. But after all, where there are benefits, there are rivers and lakes. Many times, one side smokes some and the other smokes some. The total of a case is assumed to be 2 million. I write the code, and I have about 100,000 to 200,000 left in my hands. This is the most painful thing in the E quadrant. The place.

The times have changed. Young people in this era are not able to succeed through hard work. They need to take the initiative to expand contacts, cooperate opportunities, and cultivate their own soft power. Instead of relying on a company to work hard, it’s probably like this.

It is rare to share non-technical articles on the blog and complain. I am a workaholic who has been writing programs for a long time and my shoulders and neck are stiff and sticky.



Sharing is Caring