Gain insights into future compound business opportunities——Interview with KPMG Huang Zhengzhong: Only by altruizing others can one be self-interested

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How to live a good life and at the same time prosper with the environment? Social Enterprise Flow joins hands with the Vision Engineering Foundation and DBS Bank (Taiwan) to launch the curation series “Donut Planet: 100 Actions for a Sustainable New Life”, initiates the first large-scale survey on sustainable literacy in Taiwan, and launches special topics , forums and other content, inviting individuals, organizations, and cities to think about the future of life together. In 2021, KPMG Anhou Sustainable Development Consulting Co., Ltd. will serve as a sustainable partner of the Donut Planet Initiative, sharing sustainable action guidelines with different companies through speeches, consulting, and consulting. Under the wave of sustainability, Huang Zhengzhong, managing director of KPMG, mentioned that in the face of frequent environmental and social problems, whoever can find solutions in contemporary enterprises will have business opportunities. “If you don’t pay attention to sustainability, everyone will be doomed.” Huang Zhengzhong, managing director of KPMG Anhou Sustainable Development Consulting Co., Ltd., pointed out the issues that the contemporary era urgently needs to pay attention to, like a slap in the face. Sustainability has not only become the focus of global attention in recent years. “God sounded the alarm as early as 30 years ago.” Huang Zhengzhong counted in detail-in 1990, human beings discovered the conflict between the environment and the economy, so in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, “Earth “Summit”, signed the “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”, “Convention on Biological Diversity” and other important agreements. Ten years later, in 2002, the “World Summit on Sustainable Development” was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the conflict between society and economy was raised and the issue of global poverty was discussed. “At that time, everyone realized that we were living in a smaller and smaller world. You influenced me and I influenced you, but everyone still did not make positive changes.” Another 10 years later, in 2010, there was a conflict between the capital market and the economy. After the financial tsunami and the European debt crisis, “unpaid leave was created at that time.” Huang Zhengzhong said that after various crises, most people Still not vigilant, “So in 2020, God arranged for the world to be directly locked down.” In the past two years, the new crown epidemic has raged, and countless cities and countries around the world have been closed, and economic activities have been shut down. Huang Zhengzhong called it “the new crown”. “Plague” is the ultimate warning from God to mankind. “If the policies, business models, consumption models, investment and financing, social operations, etc. that we have been running all the time are feasible and correct, today we will not face 2020, and the whole world must stop.” As global warming becomes more and more felt and public health crises spread everywhere, more and more people finally attach importance to sustainable development, and regard sustainability as a priority for personal actions, corporate strategies, and policy formulation. “Human beings now realize that without a healthy ecosystem and a safe and stable society, it is absolutely impossible to make money.” In the past, it was always said that business is about business, but now it has to be about business environment and business society, Huang Zhengzhong said It is called “compound business opportunity”.

Towards Prosperity, Practicing “Stakeholder Capitalism”

What is a compound business opportunity? “Everything has risks and opportunities.” Huang Zhengzhong gave an example. When the functions of mobile phones became more and more perfect, like a handheld computer, the sales of notebook computers decreased year by year. However, under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, classes are suspended around the world, online learning is booming, and the notebook computer market is booming again. This is an opportunity under the disaster. In other words, in the face of frequent environmental damage and social injustice, whoever has the solution will have a business opportunity, and this business opportunity must be based on the mutual benefits of the environment, society, and economy. “Whether we can be healthy and prosperous or not, in fact, we have the opportunity to benefit ourselves through altruism.” Huang Zhengzhong explained, “Complex business opportunities refer to abandoning the past and only focusing on ourselves, short-term financial returns, and shareholders. Get into the habit of benefiting, start to consider all internal and external stakeholders, and through altruism, you can create greater well-being for yourself and the public, and move towards prosperity and prosperity.” The 2020 World Economic Forum mentioned that “stakeholder capitalism” is the best solution to various social and environmental challenges today. It is exactly what Huang Zhengzhong said, taking into account the environment, society and other stakeholders, altruistic first , To be self-interested contemporary sustainable management.

KPMG IMPACT, an important cornerstone of enterprise transformation

Against this background, with the rising awareness of sustainability, the term ESG—Environment, Social Society, and Governance—has become a must-know and must-have hot term for companies in recent years. Many institutional investors, important shareholders, and financial institutions have begun to examine whether a company takes into account environmental protection and human rights while making profits; many large companies have also called out ESG goals, requiring all their supply chains to also comply with regulations , otherwise the partnership cannot be maintained. “These requirements and signals are like catalysts, allowing more and more companies to pay attention to, accept, and begin to transform.” Huang Zhengzhong observed that in recent years, ESG has gradually become mainstream. “In the past, when talking about corporate social responsibility (CSR), most companies Considering it as public welfare and charity, until now when it comes to ESG, enterprises have regarded it as an essential business strategy for the organization.” Therefore, more and more enterprises come to seek KPMG’s assistance with a strong demand for sustainable transformation. Executives are also closer to the core of business management. All kinds of signs show that enterprises have undergone considerable changes in their thinking and actions. In this regard, KPMG has insight into the opportunities in 2020 and is the first to release the global cross-departmental integration strategy “KPMG IMPACT”. With 5 major value propositions, it intends to become an important cornerstone for empowering enterprise transformation and change. The five value propositions are: ESG & Sustainability, Economic & Social Development, Sustainable Finance, Climate Change & Decarbonization, and Impact Assessment, Assurance & Reporting (Measurement, Assurance & Reporting). Huang Zhengzhong shared that KPMG Global will invest more than US$1.5 billion in the next three years to expand KPMG’s global service capabilities and accelerate new technology development on ESG issues, so as to support customers to make positive changes and create positive impact together force. “KPMG Global Group’s strategy is quite forward-looking. In fact, KPMG Taiwan Office is also ahead of schedule and actively develops sustainability-related businesses.” Huang Zhengzhong said with a smile. KPMG Taiwan Office established climate change and corporate sustainable development services as early as 2013 The team also established a social enterprise service team in 2014. Externally, it makes good use of the firm’s financial and taxation, legal, management, and sustainable strategy service resources to accompany social enterprises in sound accounting and legal affairs, structuring operations, expanding business, and developing strategies. Internally, it systematically organizes the introduction of social enterprise services, such as holding social enterprise weeks, inviting social enterprises to set up stalls and increasing exposure opportunities; K Cafe in the company uses fair trade fresh milk and coffee beans to make social enterprises become supplier. (Added to the same scene: Ignite the flame of sustainable business in Taiwan – KPMG Anhou Jianye connects social enterprises and enterprises to promote the development of social innovation ecosystem )

Responding to SDG 17 partnerships: May all be part of the solution

In 2021, KPMG will participate in the ” Donut Planet: 100 Actions for a Sustainable New Life ” initiative co-sponsored by Social Enterprise Stream, Vision Engineering Foundation, and DBS Bank (Taiwan) as a sustainable partner. Through speeches and consultations To share sustainable action guidelines with different companies; and to assist in serving as a consultant for “Donut Planet-Organizational Sustainability Action Guide” and assist in compiling suggestions for organizations to practice sustainability. Huang Zhengzhong said, “Through this initiative, it is like opening an additional window for enterprises, so that enterprises can gain different perspectives and inspire new actions in the broad issue of sustainability.” (Welcome to respond to sustainable issues. Interested business organizations, please click this link to download “Donut Planet – A Guide to Organizational Sustainability” ) “Everyone is in the same boat.” Huang Zhengzhong said earnestly, calling himself a lighter and lighter. He expected: “I hope that more and more people will be willing to be part of the solution, because no one can stay out of things and be alone. Why, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 (SDG 17) emphasizes partnerships, and only by working together can we save ourselves and achieve prosperous and sustainable development.” (KPMG Anhou Sustainable Development Consulting Co., Ltd. is the sustainable partner of the “Donut Planet: 100 Actions for a Sustainable New Life” series. This article is supported by KPMG and independently produced by Social Enterprise Stream, which does not affect the authenticity of the report accuracy and accuracy.)   Gain insights into future compound business opportunities——Interview with KPMG Huang Zhengzhong: Only by altruizing others can one be self-interested

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