A famous artist raps to God, now… He faces the LIFE or DEATH PENALTY for RAPE and atrocities! – This Is Ardee

The famous rapper was arrested on Monday. He is charged with several violations of the law, including first-degree rape. He was only released last year when he was acquitted of all charges after spending 18 months behind bars.

Mystikal was supposed to attack his last victim in a hospital. In addition to raping her, he allegedly strangled and otherwise physically assaulted her. He is also charged with theft, damage to property and possession of amphetamines. If found guilty, he faces a life sentence and the prosecutor can seek the death penalty.

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A mystic
Source: SITA

Michael Tyler, as his full name suggests, is a well-known company for similar crimes. He had previously served 6 years for blackmail and sexual assault. At the time, he confessed to blackmailing his hairstylist and forcing her to have sex after accusing her of stealing a check for $80,000 from him.

Last year, in an interview with The Associated Press, he said he had changed and taken a new approach to music and life. “When I look back and listen to my music…I was disgusting! Now I imagine myself rapping in front of God and I’m proud of it,” Mystikal said. Well, who knows if God likes his rapping when he sees what’s behind his ears!

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