A different green double 11! Green Vine donates the proceeds from the official website to the earth, DOMI and IKEA create an energy exhibition

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This year’s Double 11, just as all brands are spending spree, Taiwan’s first B-type company, DOMI, has joined hands with Swedish furniture leader IKEA for the first time to create an alternative green double 11, especially moving the scenes of energy-poor families into IKEA’s new store. , with a two-minute dark interactive experience, hoping to arouse the public’s attention to the environmental issues caused by paper bills and the situation of millions of energy-poor families in Taiwan. The B-type company Green Vine Vitality, which has won the “Best for the World” environmental award for five consecutive years, announced that it aims to be ahead of the world and achieve Credible Net Zero by 2025. Under the guidance of Dr. Xue Qiaoren, an expert in system change, with “subtraction” as the core, the specific action strategy of “1% Green Change Evolution” was put forward – commitment to use 100% renewable energy by 2025, reduce organizational carbon emissions by 60%, and complete product bottles It is a rare action ambition in the industry to use more than 50% of recycled raw materials. This year, Lvteng has reversed the tradition of not opening stores on the official website of Double 11, and launched a limited number of 300 public welfare donation groups. All proceeds from the official website will be donated that day, and officially announced that it has joined the international environmental organization 1% for the Planet, with 1% of its annual sales. % Support non-profit environmental and non-profit organizations as a “earth tax”.

Green Vine Announces “1% Green Change Evolution”, Practices the 2025 Net Zero Path

Since 2019, it has made a joint commitment with 533 B-type companies around the world to achieve “Net Zero” in 2030. Green Vine is not only the first to complete the carbon inventory of 22 whole products at the same time, but also grasps the sources of greenhouse gas emissions from categories 1 to 3, including Organizing direct emissions, energy indirect emissions, and product life cycles, even covering how consumers use the product’s carbon footprint. (Same show: Taiwan Can Help! B-type companies promise to reduce their net carbon emissions to zero by 2030, and 8 companies including Lvteng and Cocoon Wrapped have joined ) When the Net Zero goal was announced around the world, the UN Secretary-General called at this year’s COP 26: “There are currently inconsistent definitions and measurement standards for carbon emission reduction and net zero goals, resulting in insufficient credibility and excessive confusion. “Credible Net Zero” has been discussed internationally, calling for giving priority to reduction of greenhouse gases (Reduction) and carbon offset as the second (Offset). The letter is net zero, which is also the direction of Green Vine’s efforts. With reference to the “​Get Net Zero Right​” guidelines issued by the United Nations, Green Vine asks 6 questions about net zero commitment to examine whether the organization can achieve “credible net zero”:

  1. Is it “now”? ​​Will immediate action be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030?
  2. Is there a clear plan? Is there a clear, immediate, 5-year plan to reach this goal?
  3. Is this plan fast enough? Is there a plan to reach net zero by 2050? If it can be reached sooner, will this plan accelerate action?
  4. Is progress transparent? Will there be a public report on progress on net zero commitments, covering current Scope 1 to 3 emissions, at least once a year?
  5. Is the coverage complete? Does this net zero commitment cover all types of GHG emissions, including Scope 3 (investors, etc.)?
  6. Is it carbon offset? What is the role of offsets/offsets in a net zero strategy? Is there a real focus on carbon reduction, or is it relying on offsetting mechanisms?

In response to the above-mentioned questions, Green Vine promises to build a more sustainable climate action policy from more natural product formulations, packaging revisions to reduce carbon emissions, and green electricity for corporate operations, and move towards the goal of achieving credible net zero by 2025. For 4 consecutive years, Green Vine, which responded to the Double 11 Shopping Festival with “Official Store” and encouraged consumers to think more about “real needs” before buying, chose to reopen the store this year. On the day of Double 11, the official website only sold “100% real Looking forward to the donation group”, to announce the official membership of the international environmental organization 1% for the Planet. 100% of the proceeds from the public welfare donation group will be donated to environmental/public welfare organizations (without deducting logistics, cash flow and other related expenses) to contribute to environmental sustainability.


Bringing the scene of energy-poor households into the IKEA exhibition hall, DOMI invites the public to pay attention to energy poverty

When various brands in Taiwan offered discounts in response to the Double 11 Consumer Celebration, DOMI chose to create a “20 square meter of hope” exhibition space in the new store IKEA on this day, in response to the “Power to Change! Light up infinite hope” plan. The founding gardener of DOMI, Deqi Hu, went deep into energy-poor families and made observations: “Crowded and small spaces, danger of electric shock, and living in the dark are the hardest places for energy-poor families, especially living in the dark for a long time, the biggest impact is the “powerlessness” on life. sense”.” “Power to Change! Lighting Infinite Hope” is an “environmental” and “social” win-win plan initiated by DOMI. It connects the power of bank customers to promote the conversion of electronic bills, and part of the saved budget will be used for to aid energy-poor households. Since its inception, the project has helped more than 4,000 energy-poor households and reduced carbon emissions by more than 60 million kilograms. The goal of this project is to raise 10,000 people to sign up to support the conversion of electronic bills. As long as you sign up at the new IKEA store, you can exchange a chocolate ice cream for free; even if you cannot arrive at the site, you can also support online. 5 people proposed, IKEA will donate an additional LED light bulb to help families change lights, and hope to call on the public to light up the hope of more than 2,000 families and children. According to DOMI data, in the Xindian area, there are 1,769 energy-poor households. The project launched this time is equivalent to helping light up all energy-poor households in the Xindian area. After the fundraising is successful, the DOMI Lvran team and the staff of the new IKEA store will also personally go to the home to assemble and help replace the new furniture, so that children’s reading will no longer be a luxury.


  “20 square meters of hope” experience space information

  • Dates: November 11 to November 28, 2021
  • Time: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Location: The space in front of the checkout area on the 3rd floor of IKEA Xindian (3F, No. 159, Zhongyang Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City)

A different green double 11! Green Vine donates the proceeds from the official website to the earth, DOMI and IKEA create an energy exhibition

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