5G Teachers X Technical Community! All-round resource empowerment of the Industrial Bureau to start the future of 5G application

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From the desktop computer to the mobile phone, and then from the mobile phone to the TV screen, the seamless series of 3A masterpiece e-sports games is being staged around the players; every production line in the smart factory is running non-stop, and may be able to close The lamp factory may also connect a large amount of information from it to make more accurate predictions for the production line. The implementation of the Internet of Things has long been ubiquitous. The application of a hundred flowers blooming in the scene is relying on the effect of rapid iteration brought about by the complete 5G infrastructure. Metaverse is no longer just a bridge in the movie, but an innovative state that gradually enters your and my life.

Thanks to 5G, various application scenarios can be reversed, but also because of the landing of 5G , it highlights that the demand for cross  domain talents in various industries is even greater than before. 5G + talent plan) not only starts from the industry-university cooperation, but also aims at the advanced deployment of teachers who preach and teach. With powerful resources and links, it provides teachers with a diversified environment for empowerment, and continues to cultivate 5G after adding value. People work hard.

In order to accumulate the strength of 5G innovative application teachers from actual combat experience, the Industry Bureau has prepared more than 30 hours of talent development courses. The cooperation between university industry accelerators and joint innovation accelerators will increase the support of innovative teachers in the incubation of new innovations, and the content is quite rich. Taking Nokia’s courses as an example, the content covers everything from how to use 5G new technologies and applications to innovative business development and introduction of business models. Teachers who complete Nokia’s required courses can also obtain original factory certificates to strengthen their 5G applications.

This time it’s not just talking on paper, the 5G + talent plan also noticed that many 5G innovative application teachers still have a generation gap in 5G technology and scene applications, so various on-site visits and experiences have been arranged to describe everyone’s understanding of 5G through practical applications. Imagine the contours and create more potential opportunities.

Take the new attraction “HOLO Park Image Yancheng” located at No. 7 Kaohsiung Port Pier in Gushan District as an example. In this world’s first 7D floating theater, 5G application technology is used to piece together the virtual and real fragments of the impression of time and present a complete presentation. In the glorious days of the “Big Stage Theater” in the 1950s, at the same time, the use of 5G’s low-latency technical features created a spectral simulation technology that caused visual dislocation. Not only did the fill light of the characters come to life, but a real person jumped out and waved to everyone at the end. , so that the participating teachers saw that 5G applications are no longer just the smart factories and smart cities they knew in the past, and cultural and creative scenes can also have new changes and possibilities under the skillful hands of 5G.

Not only that, “VIVELAND”, which can be seen from north to south, is also a VR reality paradise created with 5G and AIoT technology. In VIVELAND, it has VR equipment integration technology and gathers many new VR game contents to create an experience environment with zero error between virtual and real, which is more real than real, refreshing gamers; in addition, Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) and other experience areas also provide a full range of technological somatosensory application display environments, so that 5G is no longer just a technology in factories or laboratories, but a brand-new experience that can truly enter people’s lives, and it also brings these people 5G innovative application teachers have more diverse and innovative ideas about 5G.


The technical community is the treasure house of the industry and academia, and a good tool for teachers to dig treasure

It is also because 5G information, whether in terms of application or technology, is moving faster abroad than domestically. Therefore, in order to allow teachers to receive the latest information in the industry, this plan specially establishes a 5G + technology community. Through topic information sharing, community discussion and technical learning, we can jointly grasp the 5G industry dynamics and cutting-edge technology information. We also hope to gather 5G industry professionals such as industry, government and academia to teach and learn from each other, forming a positive cycle of resource sharing and knowledge sharing, and promoting Cooperate with international standards organizations and open source communities and cross-domain exchanges and cooperation, so that more people are familiar with 5G technology trends and standards, and promote more enterprises and talents to pay attention to 5G technology communities and related issues.

The 5G + technology community links open source organizations such as the Open Radio Access Network Alliance (O-RAN), the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) and the Open Network Foundation (ONF) to promote the 5G + technology community It also uses short videos and column articles so that teachers can keep abreast of the latest pulse of 5G at any time; at the same time, it will also draw up topics for in-depth technical exchanges between 5G companies, industry stars, or system software startups, hoping to create new ideas through community cohesion. Different aspects from industry to talents, as well as the latest understanding and mastery of 5G industrial applications.


Empowering teachers, using cross-domain communication to stimulate 5G application sparks

Of course, the teachers involved in the course also need brainstorming. This plan also plans an innovative exchange idea show, and encourages teachers to lead their teams to participate. Through the idea show team, business partners, investors, incubation managers, and 5G innovative application teachers’ interactive exchanges, the value-added and diffusion of 5G innovative applications will be accelerated. , to demonstrate the results of teachers’ promotion of tutoring, and at the same time stimulate more creative ideas, so that teachers can find out more future possibilities for the industry through cross-domain communication.

Seeing that 5G has been combined with fields to create refreshing scene applications, and from south to north, from semiconductor to marketing industry, a group of teachers from different fields are also actively through the 5G + talent plan of the Industrial Bureau, The technology and knowledge of self-empowerment 5G, through the understanding of the field and the communication with peers, create more creative sparks in 5G, and look forward to becoming an important cross-domain talent in the future to accelerate the development of 5G Double behind the scenes.


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