“366 Laws of Power with Insights into Human Nature and Reality”: The first law of power – never steal the limelight from your boss

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Join the Game of Thrones

The essence of the game of power is to play it out all the way to the end, similar to the palace Shura field where the ancient dignitaries intrigue each other. The imperial court revolves around those in power (kings, queens, emperors, leaders, etc.), which is true both in ancient and modern China and abroad. However, the courtiers in the court are actually walking on thin ice. Once the flattery is too obvious, other people will immediately smell the clues and attack in groups. Interestingly, the imperial court should be the place full of etiquette and civilization, which puts all the courtiers in an eternal dilemma: they must use the most ingenious means to outsmart their opponents, but on the surface they have to pretend to be elegant. demeanor.

Life in the palace is an endless struggle. In addition to external defenses, you must always plan various strategies internally. Intrigue in the court is a civilized war, and the contradictory situation of modern people is actually not far from that of ancient courtiers. We have to act gracefully, decently, democratically, and justly in every action, but if we fully abide by the rules of the game and believe in these principles, we will be beaten to pieces by cunning opponents in no time.

Renaissance diplomat Niccolo. Machiavelli (Niccolo Machiavelli) once wrote: “A person who plays the role of a good person at all times will be destroyed by the wicked in the end.” The palace claims to be an elegant and holy palace, but under its resplendent appearance, it is a pot A crucible of greed, jealousy, desire, and hatred is churning.

Although today’s society advertises equality, all kinds of ugly emotions are lurking in everyone’s heart. This is human nature, and Game of Thrones has not changed from the beginning to the end. In April I’ll be teaching you how to be a professional Game of Thrones player and be the perfect courtier you can be.

After understanding how realistic the real world is, everyone will feel caught off guard more or less, and it is a bit difficult to accept. The real world is like a dark little secret. Although adults are quite happy to discuss their private lives, they don’t talk about the power games that are played every day. Therefore, I would like to use my story of hitting a wall in the real world after graduating from university as a reference for everyone.

Sharing is Caring