【Event Bulletin】Treat the city as a classroom, let the urban wanderers lead you to “wander”

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With the rapid changes in technology and increasingly fierce market competition, companies continue to pay more attention to talents. Students no longer only need to master basic majors or experience, but also master their own “advantages and expertise”. The “2022 Wandering Challenge” leads You discover your own characteristics in the two-week task competition, which helps you clarify your own life value and stand out in the future workplace.


Treat the city as a classroom and explore yourself through missions!

Since its inception in 2013, the wandering challenge hosted by urban wanderers has spanned 23 international cities in the past ten years, leading more than 12,000 young people to challenge their own possibilities, allowing young people to maintain curiosity to experience the world and take steps to understand society Relationship with self, empathy and courage to change.


“3 people + 2 weeks + 25 task challenges = 1 complete self”


People sometimes find that they often forget their true goals in the busy life, and the Wandering Challenge is the best solution. During the competition, participants will challenge themselves in the past, inspire courage to change and move towards the future; through interactions with teammates, they will discover their self-worth and clarify their roles and positions in the team; most importantly, driven by tasks , Constantly expand the comfort zone and find the motivation to pursue your dreams. Here, participants can regain their most complete and true self and help explore their ideal life.

The 2022 Wandering Challenge will hold a complete event in each of the three cities of Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan, and open 3-person team challenges for two weeks. The task will integrate four aspects of ability training, including “self-awareness”, “adventure challenge”, “connection reconstruction” and “social participation”, and the “wandering spirit” of knowing oneself inwardly and communicating with the world outwardly.


Wandering Challenge, the coolest experience in life

Every year, the Vagabond Challenge continues to prepare for this non-profit activity with a level of satisfaction above 4.5 points. The young people who have participated say: “Urban vagabonds have changed my thinking about education!”, “Participating in the challenge made me discover my original self It can be very different.”, “The challenge is the coolest way for me to experience life right now!”

Past contestants shared that people always “want” to do certain things, and the challenge is just to give the opportunity to “do” those things that have not been completed; At that moment, it is always easy to shrink back unconsciously, because there is a challenge, the first step to realize the dream has already been taken, and it changes the contestants’ views on people and things.

When you are confused, you should not stand still, but explore outside, accept stimulation and impact. This year’s challenge is themed with “Reorganization”. I hope that every participant can reorganize his ideal during the competition. The appearance continues into the future outlook.

Whether you are a partner who wants to train yourself and break through courage, or a partner who is looking forward to trying to bring about change in an innovative way, or even a partner who pursues your passion and wants to make the world a better place, the Wandering Challenge is waiting for you here!



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